Don’t Think You Need Hurricane Windows for Your West Palm Beach Home? Think Again

It’s been several years since Florida has seen a direct impact from a hurricane. When this happens, even in West Palm Beach, it generally means that homeowners become a little lax in their attention to detail.

If you live in West Palm Beach and don’t think that you need hurricane windows just because we haven’t experienced a direct hit in many years, think again. As ocean temperatures continue to rise slightly every year, it increases the fuel that hurricanes require to generate and become more powerful.

Even this year we have seen a slowdown in the number of tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the Atlantic basin. This doesn’t mean that we are clear for the foreseeable future, though.

Hurricane windows as well as hurricane patio doors offer homes an incredible level of protection against powerful winds, storm surges, and flying debris. If you don’t think that we’re going to be hit directly by a hurricane again, then you are putting yourself, your home, and even your family at greater risk.

Below are four specific reasons why hurricane windows are the right investment for West Palm Beach residents. Any of these reasons should be enough to convince you that when you are considering replacement windows, you consider hurricane windows, even if it is not required by law for your location.


Hurricane windows and doors offer protection to the home, not just from major storm events but also from potential break-ins. The basic concept behind these windows is that they can take a solid impact and can even be penetrated by debris but they won’t shatter apart.

The special construction of these windows keeps them from completely disintegrating when struck by an object. One of the most common causes of home destruction during hurricanes is windows or doors being broken by debris thrown by hurricane force winds.

Once the hurricane winds enter the home, it begins to increase the pressure inside. When that pressure has no means of escape, it will generally strike the weakest points in the home. This will usually result in the roof or a wall being torn apart and then the rest of the home will be destroyed afterward.

Someone trying to break into your home, when they realize that these entry doors are too secure, will most likely attempt to enter through a window. Hurricane windows make it almost impossible for someone to break through them. You would need to be extremely determined and persistent to manage to get into a home with hurricane windows. So they will protect your home not only from a Category 5 hurricane, but also from those looking to steal from you.


Hurricane windows and doors can also provide a boost in your home’s inherent value. The more that you protect your home with the right products, the more valuable it will be to potential buyers. This will increase the assessed value.
When considering replacing windows or doors in your home, you are taking on a home improvement project that is one of the few that can actually boost the value of your house. When you have exceptionally designed and elegant looking windows that also protect your home and family, that also provides a value that can’t be measured by dollars and cents.

Only a Matter of Time

As we noted earlier, it is only a matter of time before the next hurricane strikes Florida’s coast. If you have become complacent with the weather during the past several seasons, with side swiping hurricanes or tropical storms, avoiding the direct hit of a major Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane, then you are setting yourself up for disaster.

It is nice to not have to worry about hurricanes every year, but that doesn’t mean we can rest easy for the future. Hurricane Andrew ravaged the southern Florida coastline and imposed billions of dollars in damage to tens of thousands of residents across the state.

We have seen many other hurricanes come through since that time, but few with the kind of force that hurricane Andrew brought. Looking back through history, it highlights the fact that we are now overdue for a significant hurricane in the area.

That’s why now is the right time to look into hurricane windows as well as hurricane patio doors for your West Palm Beach home. Even if the law doesn’t require it for your home because you are farther away from the coast, hurricane force winds can easily rip through the entire state.


Keeping your home as well as your family safe should always be a top priority for you. That’s why making the right investment in hurricane windows is the right choice. You can choose hurricane windows and doors that can withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds.

However, it is not the winds that really do the most damage. It is the flying debris that begins to cause the dominoes to fall. Hurricanes blow branches, wood pieces, metal, and anything else that isn’t bolted down across the landscape. It’s this debris that can strike glass and shatter it. Once the glass of a home or building is broken, the winds are free to enter and build the pressure up inside.

If you are at home when this happens, then every object in your house becomes a potential weapon that can harm you or your family. There is no point in taking these kinds of chances when you have access to windows and doors that can prevent this.

You may have gotten into the habit of running plywood up over your windows and doors when a hurricane is coming, but not only is this an added expense to purchase new plywood every time, and the effort to hang it over your windows and doors, it doesn’t always protect the home properly. Category 5 hurricane force winds are strong enough to rip these boards from homes if they are not completely flush to the frame of the windows and doors.
Safety should always be priority number one, so invest in hurricane windows and doors for your West Palm Beach home.