5 Reasons Hurricane Windows and Doors Are the Right Investment for Your Port St. Lucie Home

If you have lived in Port St. Lucie for a long time, then you know about the force of hurricane and tropical storm winds. If you are relatively new to the area, especially new to Florida, and you haven’t lived through our hurricane or tropical storm, then you might not understand how important hurricane windows and patio doors can be for your home.

Any time that you are making a significant investment in improving the quality or value of your Port St. Lucie home, you need to consider some very specific aspects. When it comes to hurricanes of any force, even a Category 1 can do significant damage to a home.

Below are five specific reasons why hurricane windows and hurricane doors are the ideal investment for your home in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

1. Dynamics of Hurricane Damage.

For those who have been living in a part of the country that is subject to hurricanes for a long time, you begin to understand why authorities urge evacuations in coastal areas when a storm is heading their way. Storm surge, intense rainfall, an extremely high winds all merge together to create life-threatening situations.

To homes along the coast as well as those in land, hurricanes can do a significant amount of damage without relying on storm surge.

Your home is protected by walls, windows, and doors. The windows happen to be the most susceptible aspect of your home with regard to damage. Most windows, regular windows that is, can withstand the direct impact of 90 mph winds. That is equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane. However, Florida is known for being struck by Category 3, Category 4, and even Category 5 hurricanes.

This means that winds in excess of 160 mph could be striking your home in Port St. Lucie in just a couple of weeks. If the wind is strong enough, it can potentially breakthrough regular windows. However, even if your windows are able to withstand the actual force of the wind, it is the debris the causes the most damage to windows and doors. Tree limbs, pieces of other buildings, billboard signs, and much more could become deadly objects flying through the air at incredible speeds.

Once they strike glass, they will most likely shatter the window or patio door. Once that happens, the winds from the hurricane can pour into the house. This will increase the pressure inside. When the pressure inside the house gets too high, the wind or air will seek another way out. This will usually result in the complete destruction of the home.

Hurricane windows and doors are designed to withstand impact from debris from even the most powerful Category 5 hurricanes.

2. The Plywood Alternative.

One alternative that many people rely on to protect their home from an impending hurricane is to put up plywood over the windows and doors. Not only is this tedious, plywood now costs more than $25 per board. To cover the average 14 windows and four doors of a home in Port St. Lucie, you are talking about almost $500 of plywood and screws.

Then you have to contend with holes in the outside of your house after the hurricane, if your home survives. Extremely powerful winds can actually rip plywood boards away from the house, exposing the windows you thought were protected.

3. The Law.

The law in Florida in many counties now stipulates that homes within a certain distance of the coastline require hurricane windows and doors whereever there is a glass exposure. This would mean that if you are building a new home or replacing the old windows or patio door in your home, you would need to purchase hurricane windows and doors instead of regular ones.

Check with your Town Hall about whether your home requires hurricane windows and hurricane patio doors. If they do and you end up replacing all of the windows and doors in your home with regular windows and doors, you could be subject to fines and the added expense of purchasing windows all over again.

4. Boosting Value to Your Home.

Any time that you have an opportunity to boost value for your home, wouldn’t you want to do it? Even if the law does not require your Port St. Lucie home to have hurricane windows or patio doors, doing so will add value to your home.

This can be incredibly important for not only protecting the possessions inside your home, but also if you are interested in selling the house in the near future. Hurricane windows and patio doors are a significant investment for any homeowner. However, like any good investment, the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term expenses.

5. Potential Savings on Insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance can be costly due to the location of your home. Because of the threat of hurricanes, you could end up spending a significant amount of money every month for your homeowner’s insurance. Installing hurricane windows and patio doors on your home could help to alleviate some of this expense.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider to find out what kind of savings you may expect as a result of installing these hurricane windows and doors on your home. Even if you are not able to acquire insurance coverage to protect against damage caused by hurricanes, your property and possessions will be protected as a result of these incredible innovations in windows and doors.

Never underestimate Mother Nature. She will always find a way to bring a powerful hurricane back to the area at some point. When you have hurricane windows and doors protecting your home, you won’t have to worry as much about potential damage that she is going to bring.