The Strength of Hurricane Windows
& Doors for Pompano Beach Residents

If you are new to Pompano Beach, you probably have never experienced the power of a hurricane. If you haven’t, you are one of the lucky ones. Also, if you haven’t, and you plan on staying here for a long time, it is only a matter of time before you do.

Hurricanes are incredibly powerful storms. Even Category 1 hurricanes can create a significant amount of destruction. However, coastal communities throughout Florida have done great things to help reduce the risk of significant damage in the event of basic Category 1 or Category 2 hurricanes as well as tropical storms.

Yet, because of our proximity to the warm ocean waters to the south and east, we are in what is considered the path of hurricanes. So, it is only a matter of time before another very powerful hurricane strikes the area. Every couple of years Florida is hit with at least one or two hurricanes. It is important to understand just how powerful hurricanes can be and just how strong hurricane windows and doors are to help protect homes throughout Pompano Beach.

Can withstand extreme winds.

The most common aspect of hurricanes that people think about are the winds. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes, will dump torrential rainfall on the area, and can push an incredible amount of storm surge up from the ocean onto the beaches and into beachfront homes.

But they can also throw an incredible amount of debris around in their path. Hurricane windows and doors are designed to not only withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds, but also a significant amount of debris that gets tossed around during the storms.

The debris that we are talking about could be branches or even two by fours from other buildings or structures that have already been destroyed. It could be garbage or lawn furniture. Just imagine your neighbor’s lawn chair being hurled at your house at over 150 miles an hour. Do you think your current windows would fare well against it?

Not likely. Once the window breaks, the winds will pour into your house, ravaging anything that isn’t locked down. It will also begin to increase the pressure inside your home. As a pressure increases, the wind that is coming into your home will seek the weak points, and that usually results in a wall being ripped apart or the roof being torn off. Once this happens, the rest of your home is likely to be completely destroyed.

Hurricane windows and doors are designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds and to protect your home against debris the gets thrown around as a result.

Protect against flying debris.

Any time that you have a hurricane making landfall, there will be an enormous amount of debris flying around. A lot of it will be caught in trees, fences, and other areas and no longer be a threat. However, anything that can break glass can potentially destroy your entire house as a result of what we just talked about with regard to internal pressure inside the structure.

Hurricane windows and doors can withstand the impact of flying debris. The glass will crack, but the coating that holds it all together will withstand the impact. It is similar to a windshield of a car that is struck by a solid object. The windshield will stay together, which protects you inside.

Keep hurricane force winds from blasting into your home.

Again, any time that your house is exposed to hurricane force winds, it becomes susceptible to complete destruction. Even Category 1 hurricanes produce enough wind that can potentially do a significant amount of damage to your home.

The main focus point for you as a homeowner in Pompano Beach is to make sure that your house, the interior of your house, is not exposed to those destructive winds directly. Many people run to their local hardware store to grab plywood to cover their windows and doors, especially those facing the direction of the incoming hurricane. While the winds will generally be coming from one direction as the hurricane makes landfall, they can shift, exposing other windows and doors in your house.

Also, when you screw in plywood boards over your windows and doors, you are putting in unsightly holes.

But one of the most common mistakes that people make in doing this is that strong hurricane force winds have the ability to get underneath and behind the boards and pull them away from the house. That exposes the window you are trying to protect in the first place, thus putting your house, your possessions, and possibly even your family in harm’s way.

Don’t fall for the false security that plywood may offer. Protect your home the right way with hurricane windows and patio doors.

Keep property and possessions safe.

Anything that you do in an effort to protect your house from an incoming or impending hurricane may be inadequate, depending on the force of that hurricane. The only real way to offer your home the right level of protection against these storms is to install impact resistant windows and patio doors throughout your house. Anywhere that you have glass on the outside of your house, that is a potential weak point.

Installing hurricane windows and doors reduces the weak points throughout your house. That, in turn, boost the protection and security for your entire house and your family.

Living in Pompano Beach can be wonderful. In the event of a hurricane, your entire life can completely change if you do not take the right steps to protect what is, for most people, the most significant investment in their life: their house.

It is an investment and you should think about it as such. Even if you are not required by law to use hurricane windows and doors when replacing them in your house, it is worth the investment in the long term. Remember, it is not a question of if another hurricane is going to strike Pompano Beach. It is merely a question of when.