Pros and Cons of Hurricane Windows
& Doors for Lake Worth Residents

Living in Lake Worth, Florida, you may be interested in getting hurricane windows or patio doors for your home. You may have heard about these impact resistant windows and doors or they might be required by law for your home, depending on how close you live to the shore, but you want more information about them.

Below are some pros and cons about these exceptional hurricane windows and doors and how they can be the right investment for you and your family. There are numerous pros with regard to hurricane windows and doors. However, for a number of people, the cons (or con, in this case) tend to outweigh all of the benefits.

When you go through this list, consider how important it is for you to protect your home, all of the positions you have inside, and even your family. No one really wants to think about the next powerful hurricane is going to strike Lake Worth or any other part of Florida, but it is going to happen. When you are prepared for it, you will feel more at ease as it approaches.



The number one benefit that comes from having hurricane windows installed in your home is protection. These impact resistant windows will protect your home against Category 5 hurricane force winds as well as debris that can be blown around by those wins.

In most cases, windows and any type of glass door, such as a patio door, can be shattered by flying debris rather than excessive winds. It doesn’t matter what causes the window or door to break, once it does then everything inside your home is suddenly subjected to potential damage by hurricane force winds.

The stronger that the winds are outside, the more it is going to increase the pressure inside your home once a window is broken. When that happens, it is not only going to put you and your family in danger due to flying debris inside your house, the pressure, when it increases to the breaking point, will seek the weak points in the structure of your house. That usually results in the roof coming off or a wall being torn down, which will then most likely result in the complete destruction of your house.

Hurricane windows and patio doors can also protect your home from potential theft. The windows offered by Max Force Windows and Doors were also bomb blast certified in 2009. This means that someone who is looking to break into your home to steal your possessions or harm your family will be met with bomb blast certified class.

Is it possible to break through these hurricane windows and doors? The answer is yes, but it would take an incredible amount of effort and forced to do so. Even a sledgehammer taken to the glass would take numerous attempts to get the window open enough for them to climb inside. This is usually enough to deter the average thief.


Adding impact resistant windows or doors to your Lake Worth home will add value as well. Any time you boost the condition of your windows or doors, you are going to increase the assessed value of the house.

Windows and doors are one of the most important investments that homeowners can make that will increase the sale value of their house. A kitchen remodel can do the same thing, and so could improving the outdoor living space. But adding hurricane windows and doors to your home will do much more to improve the value of it.


As noted, with these impact resistant windows and doors, you will have more security for your home, all of your possessions, and your family. In modern society, with home invasions and other break-ins that are occurring more consistently, the more protection you can offer your family and your possessions, the more secure you’re going to feel.

Whether you have to evacuate due to an impending hurricane or you’re going away on a long trip, it is nice to know that your home is safe and protected against many factors. Because these glass features are very durable, you will be able to rest assured knowing that your home and even your family is secure, even if you are not there with them.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of people believe that when you focus on impact resistance with regard to windows or patio doors for your home, you are going to sacrifice energy efficiency. Stronger windows cause some people to believe that they are going to be less energy efficient.

However, with Max Force Windows and Doors design, the low-E storm protection and UV ray protection combined to boost energy efficiency. So not only will you be enjoying the benefits of protection against even the strongest hurricanes, you will also enjoy more energy savings.

Low-E protection blocks out a high percentage of UV rays, which cause your home to heat up. This means that you will have to run the air-conditioning less often, which will equal savings every month of the year in Florida.



As we noted in the beginning of this article, the most significant downside to hurricane windows and doors is the initial upfront cost. This is, unfortunately, enough to deter a lot of Lake Worth residents.

However, you can save a significant amount of money over time on not only energy bills (when you choose energy efficient windows) but also in potential damage that could be caused to your house as a result of her hurricane. If you don’t think you can afford impact resistant windows or doors right now, speak to a professional at Max Force Windows and Doors today. You will likely be surprised at the options available.


Try to avoid the general assumptions that many homeowners have with regard to hurricane windows and doors. They are a powerful asset to have for the future. Eventually, another powerful hurricane is going to strike Lake Worth and the surrounding area. It’s best to be prepared and protect your home, possessions, and most importantly your family.