Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows
& Doors in Hollywood, FL

Ask any number of homeowners throughout Hollywood, Florida, about some of the ways they protect their homes, especially from impending hurricanes, and you will be met with a variety of answers. Not all of these answers are going to really do much to keep the house or their family safe inside. The only true way to protect your house, all of your possessions inside, and yourself and your family is to install hurricane windows and doors throughout your home.

You may have tried some of the solutions in the past or, if you are new to the area and haven’t been exposed to a hurricane yet, you may be tempted to consider these solutions to the more significant investment in hurricane windows and doors. If you are, just understand that these common methods that others have used have resulted in the disaster for a number of people.

That’s because the moment you begin to feel that you are secure and safe in a given situation, you let your guard down. When you let your guard down, Mother Nature tends to hit you the hardest. Don’t let that happen to you.


Any time that a major hurricane is forecast to be heading to the area, people run out to their local hardware store and buy up plywood and other types of wood to try to cover their windows and doors. Not only is this going to put unsightly holes around the frame of your window or in the exterior of your house, depending on how it is attached, it is not as much protection as you might think.

Category 4 and Category 5 hurricanes have enough wind force to be able to work under gaps between the plywood and the window or door frame and pry the plywood away. It doesn’t matter how long the screws are embedded into the house or frame. When you are talking about 130 mile an hour winds and stronger, not much is going to keep a piece of plywood in place if the wind can get underneath.

However, this is one of the most common sights that people see across the country from areas that are battening down the hatches for hurricane coming their way. If you believe that plywood is going to protect your Hollywood home, then you are in for a potentially rude awakening when this next hurricane strikes.

Window films

A common way that people try to save money on their cooling expenses throughout the year is to put in aftermarket window films. These window films might be slightly tinted or clear, but they are designed to reduce the amount of UV rays that get into the house. It is the UV rays that cause fading of furniture and carpeting and are also responsible for generating heat.

Low-E windows do the same thing, but these film coatings are built by the manufacturer into the window itself.

In either case, these film coatings are not going to do much to keep the window from shattering if something strikes it. People who add film coating to their windows and think that it is similar to hurricane windows or doors are making a grave mistake.

Don’t fall for this misconception. If your house is exposed to hurricane force winds and a piece of debris strikes your window, it is going to shatter and break completely apart, aftermarket window film or not.


In the old days, hurricane shutters were commonly used to protect homes against strong storms. However, similar to the problems that face plywood solutions, shutters are not going to be completely sealed against hurricane force winds.

If you have shutters on the inside of your house, that isn’t going to do anything to protect the outside class. If debris hits the outside of your window, then hurricane force winds are going to have free reign to beat on the shutters. This will result in the shutters being blown open or torn apart.

At that point, your entire house is then exposed to those hurricane force winds.

Hurricane windows and doors

The most effective way to protect your home is to have hurricane windows and doors installed. Yes, it is a more significant investment than regular windows and doors, but even if you don’t live in an area that is required by law to have these installed whenever replacing your existing windows and doors, it is still the right thing to do.

Hurricane windows and doors are designed to withstand an incredible impact. In fact, Max Force Windows are designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds as well as the debris that gets blown around by it.

If your house is exposed to a hurricane and debris strikes one of your brand-new impact resistant windows, it will crack the window. However, the coating and design of the window is such that it will not shatter and come apart. The window will hold in place and continue to protect against the raging wind outside.

What happens if a window breaks during a hurricane?

If you decide to go with one of the less efficient or effective options, rather than investing in hurricane windows and doors for your home, a window may break. When that happens, the hurricane force winds will begin entering your home. This can blow papers, knock pictures off the wall, and throw a variety of debris throughout your house. It will also increase the pressure inside the house.

The more wind and outside air that is forced into the house is similar to blowing up a balloon. The more you blow into a balloon, the more the air inside is looking for a weak point to escape through. The wind and air inside your home is also looking for a weak point to get out. This can result in you losing the roof of your house or a wall and that can lead to the complete destruction of your house.

Don’t take chances and don’t fall for the common trappings that other people use in attempting to protect their home from hurricane. Do the right thing and install hurricane windows and doors throughout your house.