5 Ways Impact Resistant Doors and Windows Will Protect Your Delray Beach Home

If you are shopping for impact resistant doors or windows for your Delray Beach home, you are likely trying to determine how they will protect your home. Impact resistant doors and windows can do a lot to protect homes throughout Delray Beach and the surrounding areas.
We have put together a list of five ways that impact resistant windows and doors can protect your home from not only hurricanes and flying debris that is spurred by them, but also from potential break-ins and other damage.

1. Withstanding impacts.

The most significant way that hurricane windows and doors protect homes is by withstanding various impacts. Depending on the strength of the hurricane, the winds or other forces that are striking the window or door, the important asset is to be able to hold the glass together.

Impact resistant doors and windows will likely crack or shatter upon impact, but they will not come apart. In other words, even a 2 x 4 that is hurled at the window at speeds in excess of 160 miles an hour will not cause the window to completely fall apart, thus exposing the rest of your house to potentially destructive force winds.

What happens is that the special construction of the glass in the coating around and through it will keep the window intact. So even if something punctures or penetrates the glass, the window itself will hold together to protect your home against the rest of the storm.

If someone is determined to break into your house, they will eventually be able to tear apart the window enough to get in. That is why it is considered impact resistant. It is not impact proof. There is no such window that is impact proof. Even bulletproof glass can eventually be damaged enough for somebody to get through.

2. Keeps high winds out.

During a significant storm, such as a hurricane, high winds are going to be an issue. Most people think that hurricane force winds are the most dangerous aspect of the storms. However, it is the debris that those winds whip up that create the most of significant amount of damage.

As long as your home and the windows or glass doors remain intact, then the winds from these hurricanes will not be able to get into your home. However, if you have regular windows protecting your home, a piece of flying debris can completely shatter it and then the winds can get into your house. Once in your house, the winds can cause a significant amount of damage by throwing your possessions around and then increasing the pressure inside your home.

When the pressure inside your house gets high enough, it will likely force the weak points to be exposed. This usually results in the roof being torn apart or a wall being ripped out, and then the rest of your house will be left to the whims of the powerful winds.

3. Prevents burglaries.

As we noted in the first point, somebody who is trying to break into your house will usually check the doors first. If they find all doors to be locked and sealed tight, they will search for the most accessible window to break into your home. With impact resistant windows, they may strike the glass with their elbow, a hammer, a bat, or some other object, but they will immediately be met with a significant force.

Any burglar who understands the strength of impact resistant windows or doors will immediately realize that he or she is up against something they don’t want to deal with. As a result, they will generally leave and not return. This protects your home, your possessions, and your family from people who are seeking to do you harm or steal from you.

4. Even when cracked, they will stand up against high winds.

Again, as noted, even if your home or your windows are struck by flying debris during a hurricane, impact resistant windows will hold form. This means that they will not come apart, thus exposing the inside of your house to the incredible damaging force of the winds.

You may be under the assumption that hurricane windows can be struck by debris at high winds and simply have them bounce off without any damage, but this isn’t how it works. Since the windows and even patio doors are glass, glass does break. However, is in the construction and design of these windows that keep the glass from falling apart. They are held together by a strong coating that makes it almost impossible for a single or even two pieces of flying debris to break it completely apart.

Even if your window is struck by a piece of flying debris, such as a piece of wood, the glass may shatter but your home will still be protected because they will stand up against the high winds still.

5. Boost security.

Any time that you have to evacuate your home or you go on vacation, you want to know that your possessions are protected. With impact resistant windows and doors, you will know that they are. This will boost security that will help to keep you comfortable when you have to leave.

If you want to know other ways that impact resistant doors and windows can protect your Delray Beach home, contact Max Force Windows and Doors today. We can explain all of the benefits that hurricane windows and doors offer your home and your family. The only time it is too late to consider installing these impact resistant windows in your home is right after a destructive hurricane has hit. Don’t let that happen to you. Find out how these windows will benefit your Delray Beach home.