Considering Hurricane Windows
or Patio Doors for Your Deerfield Beach Home?

Congratulations. You are reading this article because you are considering hurricane windows or doors to protect your Deerfield Beach home. Whether you have lived through hurricane before or not, it is easy to underestimate just how powerful the storms can be. Even Category 1 hurricanes can cause an incredible amount of damage to houses, property, and even people.

You may be required by law to install impact resistant windows or doors whenever you are planning to replace your existing windows and doors. Even if you’re not, there are plenty of reasons why installing hurricane windows is the right solution.

5 Reasons Hurricane Windows are the Right Solution

Below are five reasons why installing hurricane windows and doors is a right thing to do to not only protect your house, but also your possessions and, most importantly, your entire family. If you are considering replacing the windows and doors in your house now, this is the ideal time to consider hurricane windows. While we have escaped a direct hit from hurricanes in recent years, that won’t continue forever.

Most meteorologists will tell you, as well local residents who have lived here their entire life, it’s not a matter of if another hurricane strikes Deerfield Beach or the surrounding areas, but when. You should be prepared for that next hurricane that has its sights set on Deerfield Beach.

1. Powerful protection.

Hurricane windows and doors offer powerful protection for homes in the path of hurricane force winds. While water is the most destructive force on the planet, debris during a tornado or hurricane is a close second. Even a small piece of wood that is thrust through the air during a hurricane has the potential to completely destroy a house.

How is this possible?

If you have regular windows in your home and a small piece of wood strikes it during a hurricane, the glass is going to shatter. If it shatters completely through, then your entire house is exposed to those hurricane force winds. As a result, more air is being forced into your house. As more air is forced into the house, the pressure inside increases. When it increases to the breaking point, most houses will begin to come apart where the roof is connected to the frame. When the roof is torn off, the rest of the house is exposed and the hurricane force winds can completely shred apart walls and everything else inside.

Hurricane windows and doors offer a powerful protection against this happening.

2. Withstands solid impacts.

These windows can withstand impact from flying debris from Category 5 hurricane force winds. That means that debris being thrown at the glass in excess of 160 miles an hour will not break through the glass. It may crack or shatter the glass itself, but the special coating and design of the windows will keep the window from breaking completely apart.

These impact resistant windows are tested by having a 2 x 4 propelled at the glass at Category 5 force wind speeds. These boards may penetrate the glass, but they will not tear the glass part, which means that the hurricane force winds from outside still won’t be able to get into your house. That is very reassuring when you are in the middle of a massive storm.

3. Certain laws may require it.

Depending on how close to the coastline you live, the law may require that you install hurricane windows and doors on either a new construction or when you are replacing the old windows and doors in your house. If you don’t install the right windows to adhere to laws, you can be subject to fines and still need to purchase brand new impact resistant windows and doors anyway.

It is best to find out exactly what laws apply to you with regard to hurricane windows and doors before you go and consider a different type of replacement window or door.

4. The next major hurricane is only a matter of when.

As noted, it is not a question of if another major hurricane is going to strike Deerfield Beach, but a question of when. That is not meant to frighten people. Is meant to help people be focused on protecting themselves, their houses, their possessions, and their families.

If you have been living here in Deerfield Beach for five, six, seven, or even more years, you may not truly understand how destructive hurricanes can be. Even Category 1 hurricanes can do a significant amount of damage. Expect a hurricane sometime in the near future and do what you need to do now to protect your house and everything inside. The best way to do that is by installing hurricane windows and doors.

5. Your family deserves it.

The most important asset that most people have is their family. You can replace the personal possessions and items. You can’t replace someone in your family. If your home is exposed to those hurricane force winds, then every single person inside the house is suddenly in harm’s way.

Having hurricane windows and doors installed will help maximize the protection that you offer your family as well as every aspect of your house. You deserve to be safe and comfortable when living in Deerfield Beach. You can do that and ensure safety and security for your entire house and family by choosing hurricane windows and doors when it comes time to replace the old ones.

If you have specific questions or want to see these windows and doors in person, contact Max Force Windows and Doors today. You will see firsthand just how impressive these windows are at protecting against the strongest storms Mother and Nature can throw our way.