Keys Reasons Hurricane Windows
& Doors in Boynton Beach Matter

Depending on where you live in Boynton Beach, Florida, you may be considering replacing your windows and doors, and that could mean looking into impact resistant windows and doors. A common term to refer to these home improvement products are hurricane windows and patio doors.

If you don’t think that it really matters all that much whether you get regular windows to replace your old ones or hurricane windows, you are missing out on some valuable assets. You might not have the right information to help you make the right decision with regard to this significant home improvement project.

All in all, hurricane windows and doors can do a lot to not only protect your Boynton Beach home, but also to improve its value.

Below are four key reasons why hurricane windows and doors matter for your Boynton Beach home.

Protect the home.

The most important thing that these types of windows will do is to protect the home. They are designed to withstand an incredible amount of force from hurricane winds. They can also protect against flying debris.

One of one of the most common reasons why windows are broken during hurricanes or tropical storms is the result of debris flying around. Anything that is not nailed or bolted down in the path of a hurricane can be a potential flying object. Even objects that are nailed down can be pried loose under the right force. Category 4 and even Category 5 hurricanes have more than enough force to rip boards apart. They can tear down road signs and anything else in its path and create an army of debris that could be headed toward your Boynton Beach home.

When you have hurricane windows and patio doors on your home, you will rest more comfortably knowing that your house is protected against the vast majority of this flying debris. In fact, the windows can withstand an incredible amount of force, including two by fours being flung at it at over 100 miles an hour. They can also protect against water penetration of up to 15 psf.

That’s a technical way of saying that your home will be much more protected against the next hurricane to strike the area than it is right now. This doesn’t mean that the windows or doors will be free of any damage. In the event that they are struck by significant force or flying debris, they will become damaged and need to be replaced, but that is much better than having to replace all of your personal possessions and your entire house in the aftermath of a major hurricane.

People often understood estimate the force of wind.

When you stand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, feeling the breeze and even stronger winds strike you, it can be pretty impressive. However, the average wind speed that people experience when they spend a day at the beach is between 5 to 10 mph. Even strong winds caused by storms out at sea that feel more like 50 or 60 mph are actually most likely in the range of 25 to 35 mph.

The vast majority of people, when asked, will drastically underestimate the force of wind that they are exposed to. That means that when you are considering winds in excess of 100 miles an hour, unless you have experienced it firsthand, you might not fully understand just how strong that is. The average person can stand, leaning into it, against 65 to 70 mile-per-hour winds. Anything stronger than that and they will be pushed back or knocked over. That is just a small, Category 1 hurricane.

Doubling that to at Category 3 hurricane and you’re talking about 130 mile-per-hour winds. A Category 5 hurricane will have sustained winds in excess of 160 mph. That is enough force to completely destroy a home.

Don’t underestimate the force of wind or the debris that can be thrown around during a hurricane.

Relatively calm seasons
In recent years, we have enjoyed relatively calm seasons. There hasn’t been a significant hurricane to strike the area, or even threaten it, in many years. This leads to a sense of complacency for the vast majority of homeowners in Boynton Beach.

It is also a key reason why hurricane windows and doors matter more now than ever. As most weather experts will attest to, it is not a question of if the next hurricane is going to strike the area of Boynton Beach, but when.

Just because we have been lucky enough to avoid a direct strike from hurricane in recent years, that doesn’t mean that it is going to continue into the future. Every season that we avoid a direct hit from a significant hurricane is moving the next one closer to us.

Avoid feeling comfortable in this situation. If you have never experienced the force of a hurricane, you simply cannot understand the power that they contain and the destructive forces they are.

Withstanding solid impacts.

As we noted earlier, the key reason why hurricane windows and doors are so important is that they can withstand significant impact. It doesn’t matter whether this is from a flying piece of wood during a hurricane or somebody trying to break into your home. These windows and doors can repel a massive amount of force.

Even when they break, the windows will not fall apart. They will hold firm against the forces of nature.

If you need any other reasons why you should consider hurricane windows or patio doors for your home right now, contact Max Force Windows in Doors right now. The next powerful hurricane could be forming right now in the Atlantic. Even if it is off-season, the next one could be just a matter of months away. Make sure your home and your family are protected from it.