4 Common Misconceptions about Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in Boca Raton

Far too many people who live in Boca Raton have heard various myths and misconceptions about impact resistant windows and doors. Even those homeowners who have survived hurricanes in the past, they may not think that impact resistant windows or doors are a valuable investment for the home.

They may have relied on other methods of protecting the glass and their homes, and it might’ve worked in those instances. However, it is important to have all of the right information about hurricane windows and doors so that you can make the right decision for your house, your possessions, in your family in the future.

For some residents of Boca Raton, it may be required by law that whenever you are planning to replace your windows, you do so with certified impact resistant windows and doors. If you live several miles from the coastline, then you might not be required by law to do this. Even if you’re not required by law, it is a good idea to seriously consider impact resistant windows and doors for your Boca Raton home.

Below are the four most common misconceptions people have about these home-improvement projects.

1. They are too expensive.

When it comes to replacing windows and doors in your home, you may enter into this process thinking that it is a necessary requirement. You might not really want to, but when you look at the condition of the existing windows or doors, you will see that they are old, worn down, dirty, and in a state of disrepair. In other words, you don’t feel that you have a choice but to seriously consider replacing them.

As a result, you may be focused on saving as much money as possible with this home improvement project. However, this is one of the few opportunities that you will have to actually increase the value of your home. Yet you will find that impact resistant windows and doors will be more expensive than your regular windows and doors.

That doesn’t mean that they are too expensive for you. Consider this: your house is most likely the most significant investment you have ever made in your life. As a result, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you would make another proper investment to protect it?

If you have any type of home security system installed in your house, then you are spending money every month to keep your possessions, and your family safe. The same notion goes into hurricane windows and doors. While it is a more significant expense than regular windows and doors, it is an investment in protecting your home, your possessions, and your entire family.

2. They will not look that good.

Just because something is strong and will be able to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds and the debris that those winds can throw around, that doesn’t mean they are going to look bad in your home. Max Force Windows and Doors have designed some of the best looking vinyl windows for homes throughout Florida.

These windows are designed first for strength, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. If you have never seen a hurricane window or door up close, then you have no idea how good they can look. In fact, most people would not have any idea that the windows you have just installed in your home are impact resistant and are going to protect your home against the next hurricane that strikes Boca Raton.

3. They aren’t going to be effective against a “real” hurricane.

A lot of people incorrectly believe that any type of glass structure is not really going to protect a home against the powerful hurricanes. They might be operating under the assumption that the original versions of hurricane windows and doors were effective against Category 1 or Categories 2 hurricanes, but were susceptible to stronger storms.

The truth is that Max Force Windows and Doors have been designing pressure rated glass windows and doors that can withstand Category 5 hurricanes and the debris that gets thrown around during them. Their windows also come with a rating of Level E. That means that they are some of the strongest and most durable impact resistant windows and doors that you will find on the market.

That also means that in the event of a Category 5 hurricane with winds in excess of 175 miles an hour, your home will be more protected. Does this mean that there is absolutely no chance your house can be destroyed by a powerful storm? No. There is always a chance that large enough debris can be blown around that can expose the interior of your house to the hurricane force winds. For example, a tree could be knocked over and strike the side of your house, knocking out the window. In that event, your home is exposed to destructive force of those hurricanes winds.

4. I don’t need them.

This is one of the most common misconceptions that people have who live in Boca Raton. Just because we haven’t experienced a direct hit from an extremely powerful hurricane in a long time, that doesn’t mean one isn’t coming our way sometime in the near future.

Depending on where you live, such as how close to the coastline, you may be required by law when replacing your windows and doors to do so with hurricane windows.

There are many reasons why you should consider hurricane windows and patio doors for your Boca Raton home. If any of your excuses fall within these four common misconceptions, it’s time to visit Max Force Windows and Doors to speak to an experienced professional window expert so that he or she can explain exactly what benefits you will get by choosing these impact resistant windows and doors.